Joseph Moore

Over three years’ experience in excellent marketing and professional writing.

Over three years’ experience in excellent marketing and professional writing, including management of ad spend, freelance writing, digital marketing, demographic/psychographic targeting, and pay per click advertising. Able to communicate effectively (through oral and written word), meet deadlines for projects, and work collaboratively to produce a desired outcome in high-stress situations.

〈 Skilled in the utilization of pay-per-click marketing, direct mail and SEO, as well as professional programs including Logic Pro X, Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook Ads Manager & Power Editor, Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, MailChimp, Active Campaign, CallRail, Zapier, CAKE, Excel, Sheets, Word, Slydial, Voluum, and more.

〈 Graduated with a B.A. in Literature/Writing at University of California - San Diego. 180 Quarter Units completed currently with a UC GPA of 3.89. Spanish - Medium proficiency. Latin - Literate.

〈 Knowledgeable of future technologies, and able to apply them creatively to various mediums, including theatre, music, journalism and literature. Extensive writing experience in journalism/fiction/informational/digital copywriting.
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