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I am a Contributing Writer/Content Creator/Copywriter. I could write a stellar description of how I recently found my niché, but the emphasis isn't just about all things "Tech"- especially AI, it's being able to capture the rapidly changing trends and digging deeper as a Visionist/Thought Leader. As a micro-Influencer/Social Media Strategist you really have to be honest/bare bones (*no tea!) with yourself because it brings out the best in and what you have to give to others, either in entrepreneurship or simply being "All things Creative," of which I am. Being a Creative allows you to dabble and experiment with novel, unique approaches and challenges. I am always taking an online class, furthering my education (refer to my LinkedIn profile), developing new interests.
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Published Content

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Part 1 of "The future of AI: The human component," delves into the emerging technologies that are unfolding at a rapid pace and how we as humans may feel threatened or apprehensive towards technology.

January, 2 2019
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