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I started my career as a neurophysiology researcher, a background that still drives my approach to understanding and solving complex problems. I began working in IT roles in a variety of industries from airline maintenance to health care to electronics manufacturing.

I moved from technology to sales and marketing, managing sales operations for a manufacturing firm in the Asia Pacific, Mexico and South America regions. For the past 10 years I have managed sales and marketing for a variety of technology device, SaaS product and professional services companies.

As customers attention becomes more fragmented and sales and marketing are increasingly ignored, it has become imperative that companies base their marketing and digital strategies on a deep understanding of the customers end-to-end journey. This requires quantitative data like website analytics but also qualitative data that comes from ethnographic research. Together these provide a powerful understanding of WHAT customers are doing and WHY they are doing it. This is the foundation I use to create more effective and enjoyable content.
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