Kashyap Vyas

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Editor, Technical Writer, Managing Editor

Science, Engineering & Technology Content Specialist with 7+ Years of Experience

Kashyap Vyas is a seasoned writer and a digital marketing professional, developing audience-specific content relevant to the brand's voice and objectives. Having published viral content across leading science and technology magazines, he's proficient in covering news as well as developing thought leadership articles, website copies, and white papers. Kashyap believes that content is king, but only if it is relevant to the targeted audience and hence uses industry-specific research skills to craft 100% relevant content that can turn audiences to brand advocates.
Content Types
Blog Post, Case Study, Guide, Press Release, Product Description, Whitepaper, Website Copy, Article, Social Card, Graphic
More Information
L.J. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Masters in Thermal Engineering
Jaipur Engineering College, B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
The Oxford Polytechnic, Diploma in Automobile Engineering
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India|English, Gujarati, Hindi

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