Kevin Casey

A versatile professional copywriter

Kevin Casey (a.k.a. The Jet-setting Copywriter) is a professional freelance writer and author of several books, including:
Jobs Abroad: The Australian Traveller’s Guide to Working Overseas (1992)
Attracting Frogs to Your Garden: Creating an Ideal Habitat for Native Frogs in Your Own Backyard (1996)
Australian Bush Survival Skills: A Complete Guide to Surviving in the Wild (2000)
Australian Chess Brilliancies: Creative Attacking Chess from Down Under (2009)
When not writing, Kevin explores the most pristine river systems on earth, normally alone and with minimal equipment. You can check out his river exploration videos and stories at
Kevin combines travel, adventure and professional writing into a rewarding global lifestyle.

His blog: shows aspiring writers and global adventurers how to achieve success as a professional copywriter - with or without the piranhas and grizzly bears.
You can contact Kevin via his writer website at
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