larab mohamed ghiles

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

I am Larab Mohamed Ghiles.

I am a young graphic designer at the National Institute of Graphic Arts and Industry. Throughout my career, I have worked on a range of briefs, including the brand. During these briefs I improved my teamwork and my communication skills in group missions, while developing my organizational skills and my personal motivation by working on self-innovative projects.

By working on a range of projects it has helped me gain a more understanding
depth of every aspect necessary for the graphics. This gave me the skills to work in this field, including having a deep knowledge of areas such as branding, typography, layout adjustment and digital design.

During my training at INSIAG, I was able to work freelance on several projects which consist in designing logos or visuals for social media for different activity, And I had the chance to participate in a pitch of MelyaGo against very large Algerian company where I acquired a great experience in the field.
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Infographic Copy, Infographic, Illustration, Graphic
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school of design INSIAG, bachlor + 2
Alger Centre, Algeria|Arabic, English, French

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