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Pain is gain (no pain, no gain)

Laurel Nudelman Kamada (Retired Lecturer- Professor, Tohoku University, Japan) has Japan-related publications in: gender/ethnic studies; bilingualism, multiculturalism; marginalized (hybrid, gendered) identities; masculinity; theoretical, methodological discourse analytic approaches, stroke rehabilitation, and hospital life. She serves on the editorial board of Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism . Her book, “Hybrid identities and adolescent girls: Being ‘half’ in Japan” (Multilingual Matters, 2010) was co-awarded the prize for best book on gender and language in 2010-2011 by IGALA (=International Gender and Language Association).Born, raised, educated in Seattle, US, she is presently a freelance writer, residing in Japan with her husband.
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Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, Lancaster University (England)
University of Washington MA in International Studies( Japan Regional Program and Japanese), Master of Arts
western Washing State University, BA in Education
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