Libby Kiszner

Professional Writer

I'm an experienced copywriter, content writer and editor specializing in blogs, articles, social media, ad copy, and web copy. I have extensive experience proofreading and editing documents with excellent attention to detail that allows me to find and correct errors that others miss. My style of writing is clear and concise, but also creative. My aim is to be interesting and informative, to produce engaging, eye-catching content that gives the reader a reason to read on, to be persuaded, or to buy.

I believe writing is a blend of well-structured ideas and attention to detail. My clients receive both in my writing and editing services. Try me. You won't be disappointed.
My specialties include:
✔ Researching and writing website content, articles and blog posts
✔ Researching and ghostwriting e-books
✔Essay Writing
✔Writing engaging product descriptions

With over 25 years of experience, I am versatile in my abilities. I have covered numerous topics for a variety of publications, businesses, and websites. If it involves the written word, you can count on me. I am committed to providing the highest quality content possible and I am passionate about offering results that make a difference.

I’ll help you make a statement. Literally.

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