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Lindsay Haskell is a freelance writer, who specializes in content related to business, marketing, health, fitness and beauty. She has 8 years of professional writing experience and her work has been published on,,, Houston’s, and more.

After attending Wellesley College, Lindsay settled into content writing, but is also comfortable writing sales copy, press releases and product reviews. As a business and marketing content writer, she crafts compelling content for both businesses and end consumers. She’s ghostwritten content on several niche topics such as home security, smart homes, conference calling software and identity protection services. She has also written several buyer’s guides for various self-massage tools, skin care products and vitamin supplements.

Expertise: essential oils, alternative medicine, herbal remedies, massage therapy, home security, smart homes, conference calling, identity protection, fashion and style, natural beauty products, skin care, social media marketing, content marketing, digital branding, remote workers

Specialties: blog posts, website copy, SEO content, press releases, marketing copy, evergreen content, buyer’s guides

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Ad/Promotional Copy, Buyers Guide, Blog Post, Article, Whitepaper, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Case Study, Press Release, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Guide, Script, Commercial, Recipe, Landing Page, Checklist, Product Description
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Shanghai American School, International Baccalaureate
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Business and Marketing

11 Tips For Hiring and Integrating Remote Team Members Who Will Elevate Your Business

This article helps business owners and entrepreneurs improve their hiring process for remote team members, freelancers or virtual assistants.

January, 31 2019
10 Tips for a High-Performing Virtual Team

This article educates entrepreneurs and business owners about ways to improve their virtual team's productivity and performance.

January, 9 2019
Blog Post
28 of the Best Content Marketing Blogs

This "listicle" details 28 of the best content marketing blogs you should follow.

June, 21 2018
Blog Post
4 Reasons Your Business Needs More Publicity

This article helps business owners and entrepreneurs understand the importance of public relations and what effective PR looks like for small businesses in 2019.

January, 4 2019
Blog Post
4 Ways to Use Your Skills to Earn Extra Income

This blog post helps people with 9-to-5 jobs, as well as entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers, harness their skills to earn extra income with a "side hustle."

January, 4 2019
Blog Post
4 Things You Need to Know About Today’s Global Economy

This blog post helps business owners and entrepreneurs utilize trends and opportunities in the global economy to improve their business and increase their bottom line.

January, 5 2019
Blog Post
How to Create Targeted Content for Your Ideal Customer or Client

This blog post helps business owners and marketing leaders better understand targeted content marketing as a lead generation strategy.

January, 4 2019
Blog Post
3 Global Business Trends to Watch Going into 2019

This article explains 3 global business trends of 2019: artificial intelligence, freelancing and blockchain. It aims to help business owners use the latest trends to stay ahead of their competition.

December, 14 2018
Marketing Partnership Strategies: 3 Ways Odd Couples Can Make the Best Marketing Bedfellows

This article explains how businesses can use marketing partnerships to expand their marketing strategy and increase their bottom line. It defines different types of marketing parnerships and draws upon examples of successful companies who have done it.

December, 26 2018
Blog Post
5 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Your Business Education

This blog post gives parents suggestions on how to share lessons about entrepreneurship and business with their kids.

September, 25 2018
4 Ways to Keep Your Sales Growing

This article suggests creative techniques and tools for generating more sales at a faster rate. It focuses on the value of networks, relationships, content and more.

September, 23 2018
Top Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Success

This article covers what you should know about presenting your business on social media platforms and the best ways to leverage these platforms for profit.

July, 24 2018
Blog Post
Top 23 Social Media Analytics Tools

This article explains the purpose and function of social media analytics tools and lists 23 specific tools that offer a variety of features for social media marketers. Each tool listed is followed by an up-to-date description of its features and how businesses or brands might use them to improve their marketing strategies. The article is written for entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers who use social media platforms, and is also helpful for digital marketers who work with clients or at agencies.
Blog Post
Leading-Edge Technology to Boost Efficacy in Your Business

This article explains ways current and aspiring entrepreneurs can use the latest technology to improve their operations.

June, 25 2018
HempWorx Affiliate Opportunity: a Leader in the Hemp Industry

This article introduces HempWorx as a business opportunity for affiliates.

June, 25 2018
Website Copy
Nature Conservancy

This page highlights the company's partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) so that customers understand that 10 percent of their purchase goes to environmental conservation projects.
Blog Post
9 Facebook Advertising Tools to Save Time & Money

This article profiles 9 major tools that help marketers improve, automate and save money on their Facebook ad campaigns. It mentions the benefits of using Facebook ads to generate and convert leads and explains the value of using tools to optimize and manage them. The reader is left with a sense of the features various Facebook ad platforms offer and how they work to increase ROI.
Executive Search Industry Trends for 2018 and Beyond

This article informs people in the executive search industry about current trends and new directions they'll want to keep up with to stay competitive. The article is keyword-rich and written with a style that can be read fluidly and rapidly by online visitors. It concludes with some suggestions for how readers can apply these trends to their own recruitment strategies for better success.

Technology (Home Security, Software and More)

Ad/Promotional Copy
Comfi App Lets You Make Cheap International Calls | Mashtips

This article describes the benefits and features of Comfi App for making cheap international calls. It explains how the mobile app can benefit people traveling for business or pleasure, and how it can improve the lives of people who have family living afar.

January, 2 2019
Comcast Security System Reviews: A Buying Guide

This article is a buying guide that reviews the pros and cons of Comcast's Xfinity home security system.

August, 27 2018
Home Security Systems that Integrate with Google Assistant

This article looks at various smart home security systems that integrate with Google Assistant. It's helpful for people who want to learn how to control and manage their home security system remotely and with AI voice command technology.

July, 12 2018
4 Ways to Get Girls Into Programming

This article explains different ways young women and girls can become interested in programming and in pursuing careers in website and app development, data science, frontend or backend design and more.

October, 2 2018
3 Ways AI Technology Makes Smart Homes Safer
October, 31 2018

Nutrition and Alternative Medicine

Blog Post
Is In-Utero Paternity Testing Actually Safe?

This article describes the safest option for prenatal paternity testing to protect the health of the baby while still getting answers that may have legal implications.

June, 3 2019
Blog Post
9 Benefits and Everyday Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

This article covers the benefits of lavender essential oil. It includes mental health applications and how you can use it as a natural remedy for common physical ailments.

January, 4 2019
Blog Post
10 Proven Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil and How to Use it as Medicine

This article covers the benefits and uses of lemon essential oil. It instructs readers on ways to use it for various applications, from aromatherapy to hair care and beauty.

January, 4 2019
7 Impressive Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

This article covers 7 health benefits of fenugreek seeds as a culinary ingredient and herbal remedy. It refers to traditional uses of the seeds and cites findings from recent research studies.

December, 9 2018
Blog Post
10 Reasons Rose Oil is the “Queen” of Essential Oils

This blog post outlines the benefits and uses of rose essential oil. It includes aromatherapy applications for mental health and topical uses for beauty enhancement.

January, 4 2019
Blog Post
Top 10 Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil for Beauty, Mind and Body

This article covers 10 benefits of rosemary essential oil, including ways it enhances beauty, improves mental health and acts as a natural medicine.

January, 4 2019
Buyers Guide
Use Vitamin D to Bring The Sunshine Back Into Your Life: The Best Vitamin D Supplements Worth Trying

This article explains the importance of getting enough vitamin D and the benefits of supplementing with it. It covers the difference between vitamin D2 and D3, and weighs the pros and cons of 10 different vitamin D3 supplements on the market.

February, 6 2019
Blog Post
8 Ways That Rosemary Can Improve Your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Well-Being

This article covers the benefits and uses of rosemary essential oil, including its applications for beauty, hair care and mental health. It also explains how to use rosemary oil as a natural medicine for common ailments.
7 Impressive Benefits of Superba Krill Oil

This article outlines the many benefits of Superba krill oil supplementation and explains why krill oil is a more effective form of omega-3 compared to fish oil. Readers learn that Superba krill oil benefits mental health for the young and old by reducing ADHD symptoms, improving memory, protecting brain health and even treating depression. They also discover the physical health benefits of Superba krill oil, including cancer and heart disease prevention, blood sugar regulation and reduced inflammation.
6 Amazing Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

This article explains the many benefits of geranium essential oil. It explains 6 ways it can be used, from first aid to cosmetics and stress relief. The reader is left understanding what to use geranium oil for, and how to use it safely.

November, 15 2018
10 Reasons You Should be Using Clove Bud Oil

This alternative medicine article gives readers an understanding of the wide range of uses for clove bud essential oil based on research, and explains how to use it safely in each instance. The introduction provides an overview of clove oil's health benefits and explains why dental and pharmaceutical products are interested in its effects. The conclusion provides safety warnings for using clove oil and points out the benefits of using natural products like essential oils instead of drugs.

April, 27 2018
Blog Post
12 proven benefits and amazing uses of lemon essential oil

This article informs readers about 12 different benefits of lemon essential oil. Medicinal, cosmetic and domestic uses of lemon oil are explained in a succinct way to give readers a clear snapshot of lemon oil's many functions. The article provides clear instructions for how to safely use the oil in each case.

April, 11 2018
17 natural home remedies with ginger root

This article gives readers a snapshot of 17 different medicinal uses of ginger root. It explains various ways of consuming ginger, including ginger tea, candies, capsules and essential oil. The reader is left with an understanding of 17 ways they can use ginger to treat common ailments from home.

This article covers the benefits of five essential oils that relieve stress: lemon oil, neroli oil, holy basil oil, ylang ylang oil and cedarwood oil. Supporting medical research and tips for safe use are included. The introduction warns of the health risks of chronic stress and presents essential oils as an effective, natural way to relax instantly, as well as counter the harmful effects of chronic stress with regular use.

August, 6 2018
Buyers Guide
Are You Meeting Your Daily Vitamin Needs? The Best Multivitamins Men Should be Taking

This buyer's guide looks at the importance of gender-specific multivitamins and the health benefits they provide. It explains what to look for in a men's multivitamin, and then takes readers through the pros and cons of 10 different men's multivitamin products on the market.

July, 26 2018
13 Essential Oils that Relieve Stress and Anxiety

This article covers 13 essential oils that lower stress and anxiety. For each oil, the mechanisms that reduce stress and anxiety are explained, and scientific research is mentioned throughout the article. Tips for using each oil effectively and safely are included, and general safety recommendations are mentioned in the conclusion.

Fitness Training, Health and Sports

Blog Post
Six Tips for Pool Drowning Prevention All Parents Must Know

This "listicle" blog post teaches parents how to prevent drowning.

May, 3 2019
Blog Post
Measles Outbreaks: What You Need to Know in 2019

This blog post helps parents understand the significance of recent measles outbreaks and what they should do to protect their children.

April, 22 2019
Blog Post
9 Summer Safety Tips for Kids in 2019

This article helps parents safely approach summer activities with their kids.

June, 17 2019
Buyers Guide
Rejuvenate and Refresh Tired Feet: The Best Foot Spa Massagers for Ultimate Relaxation

This foot bath buyer's guide covers the benefits of foot spas and weighs the pros and cons of 7 different foot spas on the market.

February, 6 2019
Buyers Guide
5 Best Tennis Elbow Braces for Elbow Tendinitis

This buyer's guide was created to help readers find the right tennis elbow brace for them. It weighed the pros and cons of a variety of products to give the reader accurate advice.

December, 26 2018
Mentally Preparing to Climb Everest

This article helps mountain climbers mentally prepare for climbing Mount Everest.
Buyers Guide
Improve Your Posture and Health by Hanging Upside Down? The Benefit of Inversion Tables & The Best Tables To Try Out

This buyer's guide explains the benefits of using an inversion table and compares the pros and cons of 5 different inversion tables on the market.

August, 1 2018
Buyers Guide
Ultimate Sitting Comfort: The Best Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion & Chair Pads

This buyer's guide describes the benefits of massagers based on gathered research to gain the reader's interest. Then, it reviews 7 massage chair pads/cushions on the market today, explaining their pros and cons and settling on a best overall product.

September, 21 2018
Buyers Guide
Massage Canes: The Best Trigger Point Massage Sticks for Your Back

This buyer's guide explains what a massage cane or stick is and how it works. Then, it provides reviews of the best ones on the market, featuring their pros and cons.

November, 15 2018
Buyers Guide
Foam Rolling 101: What it is & The Best Foam Rollers Worth Trying

This buyer's guide explains the benefits of foam rolling based on research and reviews 10 foam rollers on the market, outlining their pros and cons.

March, 31 2018
Got Dead Butt Syndrome? Here’s How to Fix Glute Amnesia and Get Your Glutes Firing Again
November, 8 2018
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