Lisa Russell

Seattle author with 16 years of experience

I live in Seattle, Washington with my kids and pets. We love it because we can get to a sandy beach, mountains covered in moss and ferns, farmland, parks, museums, zoos and the best restaurants without ever driving more than 15 minutes.

Life is very good but my mind never stops working. I enjoy writing because it allows me to research and report on some of the most fascinating topics that I might not otherwise explore.

I started supporting my family with my work in 1999 and recently added fiction to my repertoire.

My style varies to suit the voice of the publication I'm writing for and clients tell me I have a knack for making their difficult topics accessible and easy-to-understand.

From 2007-2014 I ran a web content agency with 18 other writers and 3 editors. I stopped because I thought for a minute that I'd enjoy life more working in public. I was wrong. Two years as General Manager of a chain of boutique grocers in Seattle reminded me that I really love writing and working from home.
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