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Experienced writer and presenter with dual Masters degrees in Linguistics and Communication Sciences

Lucas Steuber, MA Applied Linguistics, MS CCC/SLP, is a Linguist and Speech-Language Pathologist based out of Portland, OR. He specializes in forms of communication that are alternatives to oral speech, such as augmentative/alternative systems (AAC). As a researcher and clinician, Lucas has published on topics as diverse as language disorders in Schizophrenia to the potential that naturalistic social environments can be more effective than 1:1 therapy.

Lucas consults with a wide variety of educational technology firms in addition to co-founding of the website and podcast network He is best known clinically for his construction and deployment of ad-hoc assistive technology, particularly eye gaze communication systems, and was the first clinician to develop a functional eye tracking system using Apple's OSX.

He is the director of Clinical Research and Development for the Indian tech startup firm Avaz, with whom he co-created an app that was received Best of Show at CES Asia 2016a. He now serves CEO of, where he is best known for co charing a podcast Talking With Tech that reaches as much as 1/5 of the world's SLPs.

Recently, Lucas has elected to dedicate his energy to a new position as Clinical Director and Head of Recruitment and Legislative Advocacy for the training and consulting startup AAC Live. In this role he will bring his connections and expertise to build the infrastructure for distance consulting in the field of augmentative and alternative communication.

In addition, he holds positions in the strategic planning and core working groups of the Autism Society of America and serves in a variety of advisory roles for both United States and international Speech-Language Pathology licensing bodies. His work in writing, development, and activism has led him to be recognized as the first Social Media Influencer in his field by Amazon and others.

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