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I have been working in news writing and photography since 2018. and I am writing on three different categories (health, business, and technology) due to I have a lot of experience and skills in these fields.
Firstly, I am a computer science student with a master degree so I have a huge knowledge and a big experience in this field, I have a lot of information about the new technology(networking, development web, programming, video games...) and what people want to know about it and I tell them the latest news on this major, I am writing specific and great articles can help people to improve their technical knowledge and they will find the solutions of any problems. Besides, let's move on to the second categories (health), I am a healthy and fitness men and I have several tutorials to help people improving their health with simple ways like working out and give people who want to care for their health a lot of advice and the answers of the most popular questions (mental health, physical health, weight loss...), also I help them to get a portion of healthy food and how they can do all of that by themselves so I think I can help them in this field, also I have written a lot of articles in health. Finally, I help people who want to improve their business and give them the best ways to get more money and don't wasting time (marketing, business card, ways to sell everything.....) and I am writing SEO web marketing content for major brands including Tom's of Maine, Walmart, and a2Milk. She also provides feature content to newspapers and magazines including Club Traveler and TIME, so I have chosen the business Categorie because I think it is the best category for me to help business people with my articles.

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Univ Yahia Fares médéa, Master 2
Médéa, Algeria|Arabic, English, French

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