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I post photography taken with my own camera (Nikon B500) and then explain the story of the picture.
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Beth Tfiloh , 9th grade
United States|Hebrew

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Candid Photography
Diving Penguin

This picture is of a penguin that has dived off of a log in its habitat at the zoo. If you look in detail, you can see the penguins air bubbles coming from its nose as it breathes out. You can also see the angle of the penguin as it dives towards the viewers, making a fantastic photo-op.

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Candid Photography
Happy Anthony

This picture is of my aunts dog, Anthony, while he drools all over me. As you can see he is very happy and excited to get out of the car when he sees the window opens next to me.

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General Photo
The Philadelphia Tiger

This is a picture of a tiger at the Philadelphia Zoo. The tiger was moving through its habitat, going to get its lunch.

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