Maverick Eguia

Chicago Creator and California Curator

I am a creative mind with a competitive attitude. I was a professional athlete for 17 years, before I merged into learning and gaining valuable knowledge, experience, and creative skills within the tech, music, and fashion industries. With an open mind and confident communication skills I was privileged to learn first hand valuable skills to bring marketing, branding, and creative value to companies. I am skilled as a content creator, graphic designer, digital marketing strategist, and creative directing to help brands grow, esp in the digital space. One most highlighted brand I was fortunate of working with is MUZIK, where we released the world's first smart headphone. I worked within the marketing and creative team and learned there to then lead and manage. In September 2016 we successfully launched the company with Kevin Hart, Chris Paul, and many other of our ambassadors into Best Buy, Amazon, and Brookstone. The debut came with a new brand identity, new website, new packaging, new social media branding, new marketing ads, high quality photography, and high quality product and lifestyle videos, which I played part of the whole process to ensure the maximum quality is reached with valuable guidance from my mentor at the time. Prior to the launch a marketing strategy was planned and executed via events with my team but more importantly I was able to help lead the digital strategy, via social media, advertising, and more.

I am confident that I can bring value to companies I am personally interested and committed to.
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