megan brown

Content Strategist, Ghostwriter, Writer

High-energy. Outcome driven. Accelerated learner.

I am 26 years young and currently using my expertise part-time as a high-end server in Downtown. Where my expertise is needed for the more oppressive customers and a better entertainment experience. The other part of my time is used as a full time Entrepreneur. I have vehicles that I rent on Turo and Get Around. I am on Rover to pet-sit your animals in my home or your home. I am a user-tester on many websites that pay me to test websites, test Apps, product, etc. I sell on Amazon, eBay, and Mercari. And than in my spare time I am a freelance writer. Which I love because it allows me to build my schedule however I please. I am able to work for days straight, if I want, which I have.
I am a person of perpetual motion some days, I swear. Once I have a project or objective I focus on the task until I can complete it. I live my life with the belief that mindset is everything. If you want to be happy, that is has to be an ongoing personal objective. Which is why most people find my personality infectious. I live to spread happiness and show people how to be comfortable within your own skin. Along with always finding new ways to make money constantly. My hobbies must benefit me in one of two ways both preferably. Which are, I have to learn something in this process. Second, I have to make some income from it. I am always trying to find new ways I can make money with my time.
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