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Optimizing humans and businesses to make their impact

I help people find their ‘Sweet Spot’ and build something around it using innovative branding and marketing strategies. I have started 2 of my own brands and have helped multiple brands grow and succeed. Just so happens I love to write about this stuff too.

I write about: Marketing, Business, Growth, Entrepreneurship, Leveraging Your Twenties, Strategy, Habits, Organization, Routines, Mental Health, Brain fog, Meditation, Spirituality, Creativity, Intelligence, Focus, Productivity, and Living your dream life.
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Texas State University, Marketing
Fort Collins, CO, USA|English

Guest Posts

How to Increase Intelligence Day by Day

11 Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

November, 13 2018
The #1 characteristic of successful millennial entrepreneurs

Mental healht, productivity, and mindset focus towards mellennial entrepreneurs.

March, 30 2017

Personal Blog

Maybe You Shouldn't Have an End Goal

Personal development and mindsets on goals and success in life.
Blog Post
10 Signs You Were Born An Entrepreneur

What is an entrepreneur in today’s world? The word Entrepreneur seems to gets tossed around a lot nowadays. It’s like it is a new fad that everyone wants to be a part of. What does it even really mean to be an Entrepreneur?
What is the best way to promote your small business online?

Small busines marketing in today's world is different than it used to be. People are smarter than ever. Here's what you can do.
Blog Post
5 Tips for Being Successful

I have about 15 other blog posts on my personal website that you can read.


What are some of the best life tips?
June, 16 2016
What bad habits should be dropped to increase productivity at work?
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