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i have done my masters in clinical psychology, i am writing articles on the psychological matters, as i am writing these articles for the betterment of people who are suffering from serious mental illness. you can visit my page. i am giving free consultation also for thosse who need my help, only you need to subscribe my newsletter.
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NUST , MS Psychology
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How to get rid of phobia.
August, 17 2018
how you get phobia from your life
August, 15 2018
How to find an ideal teacher for your children.
August, 7 2018
Find out if you have any anxiety disorder ?
August, 1 2018
Common myths about Suicide
July, 28 2018
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August, 2 2018
why would someone hurt themselves.
July, 27 2018
How to get rid of depression, common ways, biological treatments, psychological treatments.
July, 25 2018
Lose weight fast in one month without excercise by follwing this diet plan.

Best diet plan for those who want to lose weight without exercise.

July, 19 2018
Reasons to choose Mercedes over BMW

best reasons to know why Mercedes is better then BMW.

July, 19 2018
are you victim of depression? find out now.

here you can list down the symptoms of depression and get to know what is depression.

July, 21 2018
5 best tricks to control your anger

5 best tricks to control your anger. here you can get best tricks to find out how to control your anger.

July, 19 2018
How you get depression in your life, find out factors of depression

how you can get depression in your life. here you can find out the factors of depression.

July, 23 2018
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