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My name is Monica and I’m not a writer. I always thought I had a clear vision of what my life would look like at 27 and well, here I am and- surprise! It looks nothing like that.

I am Puerto Rican and grew up in a small suburban town in Florida. Thinking I was going to be the next Erin Andrews or Giuliana Rancic, I got my degree in Broadcast Journalism. I changed my mind and moved to LA after college to be an actress. To make ends meet, I worked for Mercedes-Benz in Beverly Hills in Sales and Customer Service. 5 years later, I am not a reporter, an actress, on the way to making a million dollars by 30 like I was SO sure I would be, or even employed at all.

However, life is good and I am grateful, but for the first time in my life, I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t yet have an inspiring testimony and I cannot yet write from a perspective of success, but I do have a lot of experiences, and LOTS of opinions.

Some things I love are pop culture, music, food, beauty, fashion, movies, relationships, and reality tv. Let’s collab.
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