Muhammad Umar Khan

A passionate and enthusiastic writer that just LOVES WORDS!

I am originally from Pakistan, but was brought up and educated in the US. I have loved writing and other forms of expression for as long as I can remember.

A few years back, I met a famous writer from Pakistan that had published several books of poetry. It was that meeting, coupled with my existing passion and love for words, that truly showed me their power and the magic they carried with them. Words, like a silent sword, always left their mark. It always amazed me how single, unimportant characters could be knit together to create a force sufficient to reshape history.

I began expressing my thoughts on public forums, especially on my Facebook profile. Any idea I had was quickly jotted down and later transferred into a small article.

Throughout my life, I have been given opportunities to write for school magazines, books etc., and I have enjoyed every moment. Writing has become a part of who I am. I have not indulged in major projects in the past, and I might not carry a fancy resume, overflowing with experience, with me. But, I am sure of one thing, that writing has much to do with what’s in the heart and mind. It’s the love and passion for words and what they can create that adds true power to them. And today, I am willing and able to work on innumerous topics and write in various styles, because of this passion and love that lives within me.
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