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I write almost anything in the creative field. Creative articles, book reviews, blog posts and more. More details in my bio.

Hi. I'm Neil. Thank you for reading my bio. I have been writing in various fields since the 90s. Blogs, articles, book reviews, products reviews, wine reviews, website copy, short video scripts, science fiction short stories, novellas and novels for various age groups, and a lot more besides. In my spare time I write high-tech far-future science fiction space opera with aliens! So, I know how to read peer-reviewed science articles.

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I freelance as a private conversation and pronunciation tutor here:

I've returned to university as a mature-age student and am studying a creative writing degree in media & communications. There's always something new to learn!

My extension courses are on New Media, New Asia; Asian Cinema; and Exploring Asian Popular Culture. Asia is my main focus and interest, with Japan being my most visited country. If you have any articles you'd like written about Asia and would like it written from a Westerner's perspective, perhaps I can help. I'm familiar with transnational cultural flow, and the need for some hybridity to develop an article in a way that appeals across cultures. I also have many friends from East Asia and South-East Asia so if there is an issue with cross-cultural transference of an idea, I know many people I can ask!

Depending on the size of the job I can usually turn around an article within 48 hours. Happy to work with professional editors, receive constructive feedback, and make appropriate changes as needed.

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