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poet, writer, artist & photographer

I am a freelance writer, graphic designer, and photographer with a passion for creating content. I can help you with everything from writing articles, editing content, creating social media graphics to lifestyle and product photography. In my portfolio, you will find samples of my work. Thank you for reviewing my CV, and I look forward to working with you!

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Article, Blog Post, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Graphic, Headshot, General Photo, Interview, Ad/Promotional Copy, Candid Photography, Product Photography, Email Newsletter
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Ohio Wesleyan University, Humanities-Classics
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English


Product Photography
Denise Mckenzie

This portfolio represents the recent photo work I have produced, including everything from product and lifestyle, to travel, fashion, and event photography.

March 26, 2019


Blog Post
How to Create an Approval Process that Works for You

I wrote this piece for Fivver's editorial team.

June 28, 2019

Food & Drink

Blog Post
Is Coffee Good For You?

I wrote this piece for Tightvac on the potential health benefits of drinking coffee.

July 2, 2019
Blog Post
How to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

With the goal of promoting use of the Tightvac storage container, this blog post provides tips to help people keep their coffee fresh. Product and blog graphics also created by me.

November 8, 2018
5 Facts You Didn't Know About Coffee

The purpose of the article was to entertain coffee enthusiasts and food/beverage fact lovers. Simple, yet perfect as sharable content for various social media platforms. All blog and product graphics were also created by me.

September 26, 2018
Product Photography
Cool Suppliers Products

I did three product shoots for Cool Suppliers. In one shoot I used a lightbox to get close-ups of the packaging with ideal lighting. Another shoot I did "picnic-style" to provide content with a relatable storyline. I photographed fruit with the iceys in the last shoot to showcase the natural ingredients used to make them.
Product Photography
Cool Suppliers Venice Beach

I was the lead photographer and creative director on this lifestyle shoot for Cool Supplies Iceys. The photos have been used on their website and social media.

March 16, 2018

Poetry & Writing

Blog Post
How to Celebrate Poetry Today

The purpose of this piece is to highlight National Poetry Month and to help people realize they can celebrate poetry any time of the year, in everyday life, whether they write poetry or not.

April 25, 2019
Blog Post
30 Day Poetry Challenge

April is National Poetry Month, so I came up with a poetry challenge sponsored by pspoets. The team came up with a list of poetry writing prompts one for each day of the month, to post on social media. I compiled them in this blog post and wrote the article.

April 1, 2019
Candid Photography

I am the content manager at Philosopher's Stone Poetry. We host events throughout Los Angeles, and I am always there to snap a few candid photos to add to our website, blog, and social media.
Blog Post
Dirty Ol’ Chuck: Honoring Bukowski at pspoets’ Poetry Night

This is a blog post I wrote for Philosopher's Stone Poetry. Every year we host a "Bukowski Night", honoring our literary "mascot". I shared my musings on Bukowski to segway event promotion.

November 27, 2017
The Third Eye

The Third Eye is the final installment of the pspoets' trilogy of poetry and prose. I am credited as a contributing editor and my poetry is featured in the publication.


Blog Post
7 Places You Should Bring Your Tightpac This Summer

This article was written to promote the sale of Tightpac storage containers, business to consumer.

July 2, 2019
Blog Post
How to Clean Your Tightpac

This "How To" post is for a particular product and is specific to a niche market of cannabis enthusiasts, and owners of smoke shops and dispensaries. I also created all product and blog graphics.

October 22, 2018
Product Photography
Tightpac Products

I've done numerous shoots with Tightpac products for graphics creation and social media posts. I've used a lightbox, natural environments, office space, and other locations to express the versatility of the product.

Art & Culture

Candid Photography
Night Owl Players Events

I perform with The Night Owl Players, who are a performing arts group in Los Angeles. Musicians perform while artists live-paint. Poets join the stage between sets, during sets, and a typewriter poet uses her machine as a percussion instrument. I am a poet as well as a candid photographer. I love catching the real moments when someone belts out a note, wails on the guitar, and paints to the grooves.
Candid Photography
Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, California is a destination I often travel to, not just for the breathtaking sunsets, or endless desert views. Art is entwined with the natural beauty of the area, and my favorite to photograph.

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