Pam Wright

A seasoned journalist who produces meticulously researched, engaging copy

As an experienced reporter and freelance writer, I love to tell a story.

Through my writing, I capture a story, an idea or a concept in a thorough, meticulously researched and captivating way that engages any audience.

With a B.A. in Journalism and an M.S. in Education, I am currently an associate writer/editor for The Weather Channel's website, in Atlanta, Georgia, where I write breaking weather news stories, features and science news.

Prior to my position with The Weather Channel, I was a reporter for The Advocate-Messenger in Danville, Kentucky, where I captured the stories and images that told a compelling story about our community. As part of my duties with the newspaper, I covered the city, county and economic development news, as well as breaking, features and investigative reports. I was also a photographer for the newspaper.

I've also worked as a contract writer for The Inquisitr News and WebProNews, and take on other freelance writing opportunities as they arise. With more than 2,000 articles under my belt in my freelance writing alone, I have become adept at capturing the stories that entice readers.

For many years, I taught English, writing and journalism at an international school in Seoul, South Korea. I gleaned a plethora of skills and insights while teaching kids how to master the written word, use their computer skills to design pages for the high school newspaper and yearbook and encourage them to tailor their voice for an audience or find their own voice when appropriate.

My love for various cultures, my writing and photography skills, combined with my ability to connect through language is an incredible asset to any individual, company, website or publishing firm that needs an exceptional writer, social media manager or photographer.
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