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Email Copy writing for small businesses

Why Do You Need To Hire Me?
You need to hire me if YOU…
• Need a charming content that your audience will eagerly consume, thus, produce your kind of results
• Want a content created to more closely represent your needs
• Need a reliable freelancer to work with
• Have a short time frame to have a project done and you have details of the all the specifics

It’s all about you, contact me now

Are You Struggling With Your Business Content Needs And Interested In Finding Guaranteed Solutions Almost Immediately?
That’s where I come in and below are some of the services I offer;
1. Copywriting/Sales Letter Writing/Product Descriptions/Lead Page/Squeeze Page Writing Service/White Papers/Case Studies/Company Brochures
Imagine making more sales, getting more subscriptions from your traffic sources through persuasive writing. Imagine setting it up one time, getting away from it and still produce your desired results of more sales or more subscriptions.
Here is where I come in.

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2. Email Copywriting/Newsletter Writing Service
Do you know that the #1 way you can build a connection with your list is by educating and entertaining them as well?
This is where you need my email newsletter writing service, I will
• Fill the void between you and your subscribers with each email
• craft your email messages to achieve your desired goal
• write your marketing emails for a specific campaign
• write autoresponder series that will help you grow your business, familiarize subscribers with your brand and make them responsive clients

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3. Ghostwriting Service
At your request, I will write quality reports (ebooks etc) and/or content in your name. The content is going to reflect your personality and give you a brand status. You can be rest assured of its quality.
No matter your societal status, you will always get the best results from my ghost writing services.
It’s all about you, contact me now

4. Blogging/ Guest Blogging Service
Don’t you wish to connect with your audience, drive them to engage with you and grow your business? Yes, you can!!!
This is the major benefit of blogging.
Hire me now to produce that kind of engaging content for your audience on your blog.
***If you require someone with the requisite knowledge to guest blog on your behalf, then, contact me ASAP.

It’s all about you, contact me now

5. Press Release Writing Service
Did you ever dream to create a news buzz about your company’s new product, your company’s event or your company’s achievement? Then, I can help you generate that kind of buzz by sending your press releases to websites and news sources to generate that kind of buzz you dream of
It’s all about you, contact me now

Seriously, if you've read this far, you know that you have a strong interest in making your content produce the kind of response and results you really deserve. All that's left is to take the action to do it. Contact me now

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
Paul Adedoyin
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