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Researcher. Storyteller. Strategist.
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School of Historical Studies, MA
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Engineering
Kakinada|English, Hindi, Telugu

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Shifting Perspectives: The Tale of Dead Poets, Caves and Three Fish

A few years ago, I had a shift in perspective about the way in which research is written and understood. At the time,I thought academic writing and storytelling never coincided. This is a collection of stories from around the globe when perspectives shift.

September, 14 2018
The Many Veerabhadras, Gate Keepers and Texts

This is a memoir of my on- field experience as a researcher of Religion and Cultural Anthropology in South Asia. Discussed in a simple narrative format, it discusses about social dynamics and religion.

October, 3 2018
Blog Post
Internet Noise

Did you ever see a trending article or video and thought this is the DEFINITION of Internet Noise? Like: “Oh my God! Why on earth is this piece of trash ever created!?”. God heard your questions and asked me to answer it for you!

September, 30 2018
Planning 101: Your close to God Guide for Learning How to Plan
September, 30 2018
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