Raul Ortega

Relentlessly Pursuing Progress

Growing up, I was praised for my writing by my teachers. I had a poem and a short story published before I was even out of middle school. My paradigm, however, did not allow me to pursue writing. Whenever I fantasized about being paid to write, my mind quickly crushed the idea. "Be realistic!" it would say to me.

I struggled finding direction for years but eventually ended up as an x-ray tech in my early 20s. I came in contact with thousands of people as I worked in clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, and surgery suites. The job was fun and rewarding but I knew there was more in store for me.

I ended up going back to my days of writing. I started my own website and received much praise for my works. I shared the philosophy that has stuck by me through life's ups and downs and touched many lives in the process. I have come to realize that writing is my unique gift and the more I share it, the more I receive in return.

I continue to spend my days learning and growing while helping others in their journey of learning and growing.
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