Rebecca Ann Fernandes

I live in Melbourne, but my heart is in Bangalore, India. ​

My parents own and run a school called Tadmore Academy which provides quality education for primary, middle school and high school students with value for money.

I've always been an ardent reader and a passionate writer. I have worked for an online media platform called Campus Diaries as a content director and curator.

I've interned for an Australian Media website called Novastream as an entertainment critic.

I've also worked as a Marketing & Business Development Manager at Verity Law (an Australian Law Firm that deals with property, business and migration law) and briefly worked as a Assistant Copywriter at Refresh Marketing (a copywriting and marketing business that transforms your brand image through compelling content).

I did my Bachelor of Arts- Honours in English Studies at Christ University and later studied at Swinburne University of Techology to do my Master of Arts in Media and Communications.

Jovial, creative, outgoing and passionate would be my four main qualities that describe me in a nutshell.

I push myself to my limits, enjoy a good laugh and occasionally find my own quiet time to reflect on my goals and spiritual life.

Here's why we should connect — and why it's totally worth it.

• I run towards fires
• Collaborate, Disrupt, Create
• You'll love me for my energy and zeal (but I'm also the calm one)
• I'm full of ideas
• I love winning
• We grow and foster relationships and that's what I have to offer you — lasting relationships
• Network, Network, Network
• I WILL finish what I started
• Simplicity > Complexity

Feel free to contact me to discuss how we can collaborate!
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