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Hi there, so I will write amazing copy for you, and here is the big part I don’t want you to miss.
I dominate in powerful emails landing pages and facebook ads, which will be pre delivered, and I can always boost and provide you with great revenue after learning and researching your market and service or product.
I know you can get great value and wealth with my service because I’m a Danlok graduate, and I went through a lot of scalable copywriting and unique advertising courses, and studied human psychology which will be highly profitable and have the formula to a break through and great value for your business.
You see not will I only write you profitable emails and ads and landing pages but if you think it could do better I will tweak it even twice for you until it gets proven to be as smooth as it could be.
On your part you only need to make sure you include these informations:
What problem does your offer solve?
What is your guarantee?
If there is a bonus or premium did you include it?
Did you make your price clear? Are there multiple choices to buy?
Did you show for how long it will be available?
Did you include me the features in it and the results?
If you have any review or testimonial did you send it?
If there is a story behind your product did you include it?
What are your market demographics, geographic, psychographics to be most specific?
Did you give me the most asked questions about your product?
Rex Morgan Copywriting: thank you
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Product Description, Landing Page, Commercial, Social Copy, Website Copy, Script, Direct Mail, Email Newsletter, Ad/Promotional Copy
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mechanical engineer, licence
Location|Arabic, English, French

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