Roberto Blake

My life and career is centered in doing the things I love most, Creating Awesome things, sharing them with the world, while teaching and encouraging others to do the same.<br /><br />Growing up I always had an interest in the visual arts. I began with illustration, then photography, moved on to video and eventually to digital art and design.<br /><br />The career that I&#39;ve been very fortunate to have has taken me on a very interesting journey. I&#39;ve been a Designer in both web and print, in-house, freelance and even working for an agency to now having my own Design and Marketing practice. <br /><br />Marketing and Entrepreneurship have always felt natural to me, because at my core I&#39;m a storyteller. Whether telling a story with images, written words or getting in front of a crowd, I&#39;ve always loved the connection human being have with the stories they share and the impact it can have on lives.<br /><br />I&#39;ve had the opportunity to help companies with their marketing effort in a variety of ways. My own personal brand stands as an example of the fact that telling your story and being authentic matters.<br />

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