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Expert freelance writer and editor with over 11 years experience in technology writing and SEO copywriting. I write about apps and software how-to's, smart technology, green technology, and the impact of technology on our lifestyle.

I am the Internet, Windows, and Productivity Editor at I am also a subject matter expert on Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suites. Apart from that, I like to write about lifestyle and wellness. The intersection of technology and education is of special interest to me as a lifelong learner.

In a previous life, I gathered ten years worth of experience in marketing for well-known brands like Whirlpool and Toyota.



1. ( Oct 2007 – Present

Editor – Internet, Windows, and Productivity.

A premier technology blog that publishes posts on Web 2.0 apps and software reviews.

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2. Guiding Tech ( April 2011 – Dec 2012

Contributing Writer

Guiding Tech is a tech tip and productivity blog with tips to help you become more tech-savvy.

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3. HackNMod ( April 2009 – June 2012

Contributing Writer

HacknMod is all about seeking out all the best hacks, mods and DIY (do it yourself) projects around the web.
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4. AboutMyPlanet ( June 2008 – May 2010

Contributing Writer

AboutMyPlanet is an environmental blog focusing on green technologies. It covers current events which affect human life, from global warming to theory of relativity.
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A watermark is an important part of any document, and it's so easy to insert a watermark in Microsoft Word. Here's what you do.

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You can’t go anywhere in Microsoft Excel without using this humble little box. Let’s look at all the productivity purposes the Name Box was created for.

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