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Content strategist, business writer, game dev, meme mistress

Rachel is a content strategist, writer, business educator, speaker, podcast producer, and indie game developer located in New York City. She focuses on small business consulting for indie game developers and solopreneurs in addition to B2B consulting for the companies who wish to do business with game developers.

With both a B.S. and M.S. in Accounting and previously a tax professional who practiced in a variety of environments ranging from tax franchises to boutique tax law firms, Rachel became a content writer by accident when she was seeking more flexible work to support her game development endeavors. With over 1,000 pieces of content written for various content services and private clients, she started writing for small tax offices then national franchises then started branching out into other fields that began to profit greatly from her strange mix of taxation and gaming industry knowledge.

Still holding an Enrolled Agent license though no longer practicing, Rachel wrote the first and only tax law book for indie developers that has received praise from tax professionals and game developers alike and holds a solid 5-star rating on Amazon. Rachel has used her experience to help clients with building their brand on Kindle in terms of both ghostwriting e-books and formulating Kindle marketing strategies.

With her first game studio being weak with marketing, Rachel wound up becoming a digital marketing expert in response. Embracing social media and seizing the memes of production, she exponentially grew both her own email list and social following and that of her clients. She became content-fluent very quickly and built these skills into a content strategist career focusing on game developers, other freelance writers, solopreneurs, and media professionals who found her colorful work and life experience to be of great value to them whether they needed a former hardcore musician's perspective or help marketing with Twitter memes and growing their platforms on the site.

Harkening back to her roots in the tax preparer community, Rachel has become a content marketing problem-solver for small CPA offices, tax offices, and tax attorneys who have either have trouble executing content strategy that resonates with their clients, lack the writing skills for consistent blogging and influencer articles, or don't want to give up billable hours on content creation.

Rachel spent some time in the startup space after leaving her last financial job in 2014 prior to starting her second company that eventually turned into a multimedia factory. Rachel loves everything web content and can bring her plethora of skills and experience to organizations of all types and sizes. Currently, she is a feature columnist and podcast host/producer at Game with Your Brain and her developer-centric writing on Gamasutra frequently becomes front-page features. She has also managed content strategy for clients at WriterAccess and ClearVoice in addition to private clients in the games and tax prep industries.

A frequent games convention hopper, conference speaker, and what she calls a baby digital nomad, Rachel is an avid traveler who spends anywhere from 25-35 percent of any given year on the road. An expert at working travel reward programs and determining which travel expenses are tax-deductible, Rachel is always seeking opportunities that entail getting paid to sleep, eat, or go elsewhere and she's just 15 minutes from LaGuardia Airport and 30 from JFK and White Plains if you're in the travel space and looking to get perspective from a Millennial female business traveler!

When Rachel's not hustling, she can be found playing indie and retro games, listening to and making vaporwave and retrowave and mixing it with old punk and hardcore, engaging in civic organizations that reflect her values, and petting the various amphibians found in the southeast Bronx.
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