Steve Garfield

Steve Garfield approaches life with alacrity; a brisk and cheerful readiness. He enjoys learning, teaching and helping fun people and companies grow.

Steve is a Social Media Traveler. Recently, companies, brands, and destinations have sent my wife and I on trips in hopes that we would publicly share our experiences via social media. Recent examples include opening festivities for the Hermitage Club and traveling with GMC to the Super Bowl. (Go Pats!) We are available for more branded experience trips.

Steve is an advisor and investor in startups, and people. Garfield is a part owner of Lord Hobo Brewing Company and enjoys blogging about tech, beer, wine, food and travel, and is a speaker at conferences.

Garfield is a video blogging pioneer, and knows more ways to get video online - more easily - than anyone. He is a stickler for ease of use and loves to experiment. He's also Jimmy Fallon's BFF. On Twitter @stevegarfield.
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