tamara ahmadieh

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Photographer, Writer

Nothing can stop me, I'm all the way up!

I am a young female, I'm guessing and Tam what my friends call me.
I'd like to say i'm married maybe my life wouldn't have been this crazy roller coaster but I am not even looking forward. So to find my own stability, I did full career dedication. Please feel free to meet my family.
Social planet is my digital marketing wife and I am sure by now you have heard of my kids, SEO & Content writing. If you want to know more my dear, you can have a ride in my roller coaster. I know I said its crazy but why are you here then? if you aint crazy then what stories do you have to tell?
Okay, I'm just messing around. The roller coaster isn't as crazy as my mind and the way new ideas spin in my head is a show to watch. Writing eases that spin though and since I am a parent now my parenting skills increased. I am now able to master my thoughts and raise them into becoming an interesting eye catching articles.
Not to brag about my success, but I will have to because it is quite interesting.
I am a 26 years old entrepreneur in the marketing field. Moving 1 year backwards in my life, I was top sales broker in a real estate agency here in Dubai. I am a Neuro-linguistic Practitioner or a life coach with NLP certificate as well.
I know and I get it that you might be a bit surprised with my career development, but I have started my first job when I was 16 years old. If we count the years by now, I have similar years of experience as anyone who started work after university years and now is 35 years old.
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Guide, Article, Product Description, Presentation, Script, Direct Mail, Blog Post, Illustration, Ad/Promotional Copy
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dubai international school, high school
university of dubai, BBA - Bachelors in Marketing
Dubai - United Arab Emirates|Arabic, English

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