Taylor Kamnetz

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer, Writer Manager

Content creator with three years of professional experience, equating in seven years of experience as a published writer.

I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in journalism and a minor in english. Throughout my time there, I wrote for the university paper and a local online news website. Since graduating, I have held roles as assistant editor, freelance writer and content marketing manager. I also have my own website which I use as a platform to connect with others globally on a variety of topics like mental health, self care and all things millennial from navigating your career and finding your passion to defining relationships and setting boundaries (yes, even with social media).
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Ad/Promotional Copy, Article, Blog Post, Script, Social Copy, Website Copy
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University of Mississippi, B.A. in Journalism
Austin, TX|English

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Taylor Kamnetz
Taylor Kamnetz

I love thought catalog, and occasionally will submit some of my writings for publication. These are the one's they accepted and published. They range from relationships to self love to mental health.

January, 20 2017
ovrld.com — Austin's Live Music Blog
ovrld.com — Austin's Live Music Blog

This is my portfolio of both written and photographed pieces I did for ovrld.com; Austin's live music blog. Here you'll find things such as photo stories, album reviews and show reviews.

September, 13 2016
The Talk of Taylor — Personal Website
thetalkoftaylor.comBlog Post
The Talk of Taylor — Personal Website

This is where I write about mental health, relationships, new music, physical health and everything in between. This is the insight into a human's life; the insight of a human trying to connect with other humans about this whole "human experience" thing.

April, 3 2018
Exploring Art as a Boundary-Driven Network
Exploring Art as a Boundary-Driven Network

This is a piece I wrote for design4emergence while serving as an assistant editor. The piece delves into how we need boundaries in our lives and workplace to inspire creativity — as seen by several artists in the music industry.

October, 18 2016
Wide Open Eats Writer Portfolio
wideopeneats.comWebsite Copy
Wide Open Eats Writer Portfolio

This is my extensive portfolio from my time as a freelancer for Wide Open Eats. Here you will find articles about homes, dining, recipes, best-of, how-to's, and other entertaining pieces.

September, 1 2017
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