James McGary

Copywriter, Marketing Consultant, and Business Development Professional

I believe in the power of small and medium-sized businesses to disrupt the status quo in virtually every industry and provide substantial value to their customers.

As a result, I serve my clients by helping them select the right story to tell and telling that story right through a collection of best practices and innovation to optimize sales and marketing budgets and impact bottom line profitability.

There are a few ways that I typically help my clients:

Value Proposition Development and Design Sprint Facilitation. (Choosing the right story to tell and the elements of that story).

Marketing Consulting and Copywriting (Telling the Story in a concise and relevant way that resonates with customers).

Proposal Writing and Capture Managment (Telling the story right through the proposal process).

Sales Training and Outsourced Sales Management (Helping your team to tell and deliver on the story that you are telling).

I would love to talk to you about how I might be able to help your company choose the right story to tell and tell that story right. I always offer companies a complimentary consultation before we begin any engagement.
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