Baerbel Pfeiffer

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

I help hotels connect with their favorite guests and businesses to attract their favorite customers.

Hi there, my name is Bärbel, I am originally from Koblenz in Germany and write copy and content for hotels and the hospitality industry.

I love hotels, and I know the business inside out.

Despite long hours, lots of work and even more commitment (my parents warned me!) I decided early on to pursue a career in the hotel industry.

I learned the ropes in privately owned hotels in Germany and Switzerland and following Hilton International in Düsseldorf and Munich, the Ritz Carlton in New York was next on my list.
But, as we all know, life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan and, very unexpectedly, I ended up on a small island in the Caribbean…

Antigua became my second home. As a hotel manager in different resort and boutique hotels on island, I learned a lot about the art of being a great host - for different nationalities, cultures and characters. You could say, I became pretty good at figuring out what made people tick.

I also realized the cause for a huge number of complaints: Guests had simply picked the “wrong hotel” and therefore had expectations that could not be met, which obviously had to do with the way hotels were marketing ...

Text Spot On was born and my second career as a writer and marketer began. I started out with copywriting for different niches, got into inbound marketing and content writing and came right back to the hotel industry:

What really attracts people are emotional connections, and yet most hotels still focus their marketing on features. They promote the advantages of their location, room sizes and interior design. I want to change that.

Hotels are amazing and unique places, where everything revolves around people, where no day is like the other, where drama and comedy are performed daily on the hotel stage and where, once in a while, even history is written – that is what makes a hotel stand out. This is the message that connects you with your guests, generates leads and drives business.

I will help you get it across.
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