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Straight-Talking WordChef | B2B/B2C Content, SEO & Influencer Outreach Strategies

As a straight-talking wordchef, I'll whip you up delicious content that will have your audience licking their plates and begging for more. My recipes include storytelling, SEO and influencer outreach with a dash of social media for my B2B/B2C clients.

If you're looking for an executive wordchef with a hint of cheeky sass ready to help win over your clients and have them drooling for more as they get a taste of your products and services, then you've come to the right place.

I can be that, but I can also be the dishwasher if that's what you need. Teamwork in the kitchen is what it's all about.

Let's shake it up with a blend of fun, innovate copywriting, blogging, on and offline articles, site content, research, guest posts, SEO, rewrites, content strategy, social media content, personal essays, and how-to-guides.

Also packing Wordpress, Buffer, Mailchimp, SEO, Web Design with some HTML and CSS in my knife roll.

We will work together to create you a package deal heavy on flavor, light on fluff (although there's nothing wrong with marshmallow frosting).

So, let's get to work on your recipe!

Heidi @thecookingwriter.com.
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Colorado Technical University, Bachelor of Science in IT with specialization in web development

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