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Personal Quote: "Don't wait for the world to do in five years what you can get done in five days"

I began my journey at the ripe age of 14. Scared and determined, I walked into my first interview and got the job right away. I have been employed ever since then, trying to learn as much as I can in my time with each role.

In 2017, I graduated and moved an hour away from my parents. At the time, I was in both marching band playing piccolo and the Wind Symphony as the only Piccoloist. I took a couple of months to learn how school works, get my routine in place, and make sure that I wasn't behind on my studies as is before accepting a job in the "cafeteria" restaurant at the school.

After my year was up, I could no longer afford school and unfortunately had to drop out. I explored both serving and daycare before I found my job at Esurance. Though the environment was lovely and my coworkers were fantastic, there was something missing. I then found my voice when I opened up my business called Besic Bookkeeping. It is an online bookkeeping company that does independent work with local and other small businesses to keep their time focused on their work and not the numbers.

After roughly a year and a half working for Esurance, I had to part ways for the promise of a better schedule and a more active job. That is when I ended up at Lifescape. I love working for Lifescape, all of the challenges and intricacies provide me with the excitement I have been looking for.

During all of this, I had my daughter in November 2019. Any job changes since then have been to try and spend as much time as I can with her. This is why I am looking to expand my entrepreneurial endeavors to the freelance writing world. In a perfect scenario, I do not need to go to any brick and mortar buildings to work but be able to spend all day with my daughter.

Though I may not seem to be the most educationally qualified applicant, I am currently looking to advance myself through a new university and further my knowledge base. This, combined with my insatiable drive to be the best at everything I do can assure you that I am one of, if not the best candidate for you.
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