Vathani Ariyam

Dedicated and trustworthy worker.

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I am a mother and grandmother was employed and self-employed as an accountant for a long time. I think, suddenly got tired of looking at the figures all the time, as a result I have cut down my accounting work and started off with business advice and drafting business plans for my clients.
Then wanted to do something completely different I almost started with affiliate marketing in 2015, that was promoting the seller’s products by writing reviews and then progressed into other areas of internet marketing. I have a passion for internet marketing actively maintain couple of blogs, the other projects are, writing eBooks and publishing them on kindle., online courses, business advice, preparing business plan, cash flow work for few clients with some accounting advice.
I have been teaching Mathematics when I was young enjoyed it, and was considered as a good teacher when I thought about it wanted to go into teaching again, and as a result have started creating these courses with the hope, that passing on my knowledge will help lots of people out there.
Apart from all the above I maintain social media accounts and deliver daily postings to Face Book and Twitter and I have been writing posts for my blogs on a weekly basis and upload my blog posts to LinkedIn, Google +, Tumbler, Reddit and various classified ads. I also have created videos for my product reviews and for my articles and uploaded to my YouTube channel.
I am a very hard working person and wat to achieve the best in my life, therefore if I am given the opportunity of getting the writing jobs, you will never be disappointed.
The projects I have at the moment from July 2014 are as follows.
1. Written 40 eBooks and published on kindle, the topics are business, self-improvement, parenting and travel.
2. Produced 20 Online courses.
3. Self-creation of 12 websites and blogs and posted on a weekly basis but only 3 blogs actively maintain now.
4. Promoted affiliate products by writing reviews.
5. Daily postings to social media accounts such as face book, Twitter and weekly postings of my blog posts to LinkedIn, Google+, Tumbler, and Redit.
6. Produced videos for my blog posts and product reviews uploaded to my You Tube channel.
I am proud to say that I have not got any help to do the above projects, I did everything on my own as I am a self-studier and have confidence in me.
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