Victor Schmitt-Bush

Content Strategist, Editor, Copywriter

Hubspot-Certified Content Marketer and Copywriter Specializing In Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

Victor Schmitt-Bush is a HubSpot certified content marketing professional with a can-do attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit. With over four years of journalism and writing experience under his belt, he has written high-quality content for several clients and companies across the board, catching the eye of companies who have made remarkable connections, such as Assuaged, Inc; a vegan-based company partnered with their advisor, Billionaire Jeff Hoffman, Founder of Priceline.

Victor has a wide range of writing expertise in designated fields such as blog writing, news journalism, editorials, biography writing, landing pages, editing, content marketing, interviewing sources, and much more.

Victor is particularly skilled in the mental health and interpersonal communication niche.

He is no stranger to interviewing sources. He is happy to discuss any topic in further detail in-person, through video-chat, over-the-phone, email, etc., in his warm, calm, prepared, and conversational style. Sources always feel empowered to express their opinions and ideas about any subject.

Victor also has an extensive vocabulary and uses active voice to drive home his points. With Victor's writing expertise and his creative style, any content requests from him will be met with professionalism, poise, and an easy-to-read rhythm that makes use of every word.

Yes, that means you will get no fluff with Victor! He has an excellent writer's intuition. He can pinpoint when useful information needs to be included or target useless information that needs to be taken out. He knows your objective as a client is to provide your readers with interesting and informative content that will keep them coming back for more.

Victor champions SEO strategies that work to entice the reader rather than appear forced. He knows that the Google search algorithm encourages quality writing, not overuse of primary and secondary keywords meant to hijack website authority where it isn't deserved. Victor will provide clients with blog posts, landing pages, etc, that are not only quality-oriented but ethically sound.

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SUNY Fredonia, Bachelor's
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