Vinay Koshy

Building authority brands with educational one of a kind content

I'm a freelance content marketer and writer who loves helping companies create great content. With over 5 years of writing and editing experience, I have the right combination of editorial skills and marketing fluency, and my copy is clean, concise and always on time.

I'm passionate about words, teaching, crafting stories, providing actionable advice, and I've been known to engage in lengthy discussions about business and marketing (that stuff is actually fun to me). People call me ‘outgoing,’ ‘optimistic’ and ‘enthusiastic,’ all of which fit.

My areas of expertise include: writing, editing; content strategy, content marketing, social marketing and SEO; managing/working with freelancer writers; software & technology; and internet & ecommerce.

I create data driven, clean content that engages your target audience, rapidly drives traffic, boosts conversions, builds authority — and generally makes your life easier. I am looking forward to working with you!
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