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I would like to insight and make it an everlasting endeavour.

I am a Science and Maths teacher for about 20 years, but also has been involved in Adult Education for about the last 8 to 10 years. I am very passionate about my subject area, and want to use my experience and knowledge to continue educating and teaching on different platforms. I am also an experienced facilitator and I want to use that knowledge to do insightful blogs and articles also on other subject that tickles my fancy. This past year especially, has had an enormous impact on our education systems globally and has raised many questions and a lot 0f uncertainties. I have a great love for nature and the outdoors an also a keen interest in the latest and ever-changing technologies. Through my writings I would like to insight my readers with the most up to date information and statistics, and write in a format that is easy to read and also include charts and screenshots to make it a lasting endeavour.
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UWC, B.Sc.Hons
UWC, Higher Diploma in Education
Cape Town, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

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