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Psychic Eclectic Wiccan Occultist. Witch Doctor and Professional Tarot Reader by trade. Esoteric Expert.Occult Lifestyle Blogger, Content marketing services through writing and graphic design

Psychic, Eclectic, Wiccan Occultist. Working as a Witch Doctor and a Professional Tarot Reader, Writer, Graphic Designer, and Creative Entrepreneur. Practicing and studying Wicca, Magick and the Occult since 2006. I became a professionally paid member of my esoteric trade, in 2010.
-Creative content publishing and editing become secondary skills when one works in the occult services, especially in the forms of writing, and graphic design. Esoteric practices, call for successfully instructing and augmenting magick material and spell procedures. Plus the occult trade has needs for writing meticulous and accurate research, on various subjects, as well as maintaining a better practice mandate to cite and source in all written content.
-Graphic Design is a fascinating subject and these days a necessary practice to take up since is paired with written content giving depth, balance, and support to all information provided by the paired writings. My main experience with graphic design is mainly general web graphics, and Banners (for social media pages, email, and e-commerce sites). Using commercial sociology and pulling tactics from my sales and marketing background, I am able to provide successful services for branding (logo creation, business cards, flyers, etc) and launching online/offline advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness.
- "Direct marketing designs and dispersement" is an excellent example of the type of offline campaign service I can provide. This campaign is about creating, printing and dispersing flyers, postcards, brochures and door hangers throughout a city-wide area in a strategic manner, following the analytics of the given area and when done so properly, can increase brands awareness plus even increase the conversion rate of locals to recurring customers.
To summarize:
I am a professional witch doctor and psychic tarot reader, this provides me with my most consistent and frequent form of income plus a resource in networking. I have been studying and practicing this magickal vocation since 2006 and became an active working professionally in this field, in 2010.
I am a writer specializing in spiritual/religious, cultural and lifestyle articles /blogging. Paired with my graphic design, my writing can easily provide excellent creative content marketing woven and enhanced with written material that increases brand awareness and customer conversion rate which in turn increases sales.
I am admittedly a jack of many trades and skills, I can not really explain why this is except that I feel the greatest of my abilities that comes most naturally is my ability to delegate, correspond and connect vast amounts of data and insight into organized and easily manageable bits. This makes seeing and applying the scalability of my skill sets easier to accomplish, which could account for why I can utilize my core skill sets into many innovative and useful services.
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