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I am a professional occult studies author, psychonaut instructor, and spiritual healer. I have been studying and practicing magick, alternative therapy/spiritual wellness since 2006 and became active working professionally in this field, in 2010.
I am a writer specializing in spiritual/religious, cultural, and lifestyle articles /blogging.

Paired with my graphic design, my writing can easily provide excellent creative content marketing woven and enhanced with written material that increases readers' interest.

I am a practicing Discordian Wiccan Witch living in Hollywood., CA I have been practicing and studying Wicca, Magick, and the Occult since 2006. I became a professionally paid member of my esoteric trade, in 2010.

-My niche set is non-fiction lifestyle writing with a special focus on cultural, spiritual/religious, and modern alternative lifestyles (such as sub-cultures (such as punk, goth, and otherkin, etc). This includes modern sexuality and relationships (such as polyamory, queer culture, and the myriad of practices amongst LGBTQIA ).

-Creative content publishing and editing skills are a long-time practice for anyone that takes occult studies seriously. Esoteric practices, call for successfully instructing and augmenting complex magickal material and spell procedures. Plus the occult trade has a never-ending need for writing meticulous and accurate research, on various subjects, as well as maintaining a better practice mandate to cite and source in all written content.

-Graphic Design is paired with written content giving depth, balance, and support to all information provided by the paired writings. My main experience with graphic design is primarily general web graphics, and banners (for social media pages, email, and e-commerce sites).

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