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Hi, I'm Yara

I'm a B2B writer by day, and a freelance writer by night.

From teaching to medical sales, to business research, to serving as secretary general in JCI Beirut, Lebanon, I can finally say I found my place. The variety of domains and fields I’ve been in have helped enhance my research and writing ability. Thus, I can craft a clear message out of any jargon you give me.

What more, am passionate about words and language.
People call me optimistic, outgoing, detail oriented and word-savvy.

My areas of expertise include business, health, and education.
What qualifies me is my MBA knowledge, medical sales and teaching background.
Feel free to browse through my portfolio @ http://yaraabboud.me/portfolio/

Last but not least, allow me to create clean content that targets your readers and gets you more leads.
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AUB , Teaching Diploma

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Blog Post
How to Set up & Learn WordPress Cost-Effectively

This post outlines how to set up and learn WordPress cost-effectively. In it, I showcase how I learned it. I also go through the resources that helped me learn it quickly and easily.

August, 29 2018
Blog Post
6 Quick Valuable Tips to Ensure Secure Online Transactions

This post gives 6 valuable tips on securing your online transactions.

August, 23 2018
Exploring HR & Middle Manager's perception of Work Life Balance in Lebanese Banks

Work-life balance (WLB) is a concept that encompasses various notions. It has been defined differently across time by various authors starting from Zedeck and Mosier (1990), Guest (2002), to Brinley (2005). Obviously good work-life balance practices are an active part of strategic human resource management, for they help in attracting, retaining employees, and increasing their satisfaction and performance. This is especially apparent in the banking industry which globally faces problems with retention of qualified staff. Consequently, line managers and strategic human resource managers have to coordinate the process of policy development and implementation to address such challenges. Hence, the main purpose of this paper is to examine HR and General/middle Managers’ experience of the work life balance linkage in Lebanese Banks, and how they cope and deal with it. By shedding light on the quality of spillover experienced, and the coping mechanisms of managers, recommendations for better work life balance policies can be suggested. 60% of our sample asserted achieving balance yet that was mostly due to personal effort. Differences between men and women were noted only with regard to pursuit of hobbies. Banks appeared to act in a humane way towards their managers; however, they are still far from reaching the “respect” response whereby an organization acknowledges both work and non-work participation of its employees. All in all, our results fall in line with border theory; however, some minor adjustments are proposed to help flesh out practical recommendations

Blog Post
Marketing Hackathon: Bridging Real life Application with Academia

Since I was the one who devised this event to help both SMEs and students find marketing solutions to real life issues, I was asked to write about it, and so I wrote this blog post.

June, 7 2016
Blog Post
The Internet… a Mere Distraction... or Simply a Mind Shaper?

The article describes the effect of the internet on our brain. So after reading it, it's up to you to decide whether you agree with Nicholas Carr's stance or not.

August, 29 2018
Blog Post
Literacy in the 21st Century

The article describes the 4th literacy: coding . It then lists the programs or games which help us teach our kids this language.

May, 12 2018
Blog Post
Nurse-bots: A Solution or a Threat!

The post foretells the advent of nurse robots as a way to solve the global nurse shortage problem. It then identifies a few well known nurse robots, and ends with the question of whether they can replace us, humans one day.

August, 23 2018
Catching up or not? It’s only a matter of time

The article describes the 21st century skills. and touches on a few countries who have already integrated ICT ( information communication technology) into their educational systems. It further goes on to focus on the current state of affairs in the Lebanese educational system, and what the ministry has done so far to implement that change.

August, 23 2018
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