Truong Christina

"You determine?" Huai's eyebrows raised, Hoan Nhan's face did not change, fingers crossed the clothes, she see what he wants to do, her mind is now ten thousand dollars. Half an hour later, she knelt down, Hoan Nhan dressed in cheongsam cheek was carried out outside. Her eyebrows were delicately delicate, the collar inside the cheeky cheekbone, revealing the slim chin, at first glance like her in the picture. The henchmen were not able to stand up, he was led to her in front, her thumb and forefinger brought her chin up, his eyes were very deep, like the well in the back, Hoan Nhan hardened. "Earring pearl earrings." He opened his mouth low, his hand toward Ai Wei, eyes on Hoan Nhan face, still not budge. "I, I do not have ears ..." Hoan Nhan pushed him away, his face also reddened, even his ears rose as if bleeding. He was immediately bright eyes, the depth of the eyes now instead of falling: "Let's go." He went straight to the door, Hoan Nhan bite his lip, as the old followers, the first time wearing high heels, a little not adapt, go tilt. In the car, he opened a song, Wang Zhou. Hoan Nhan is a bit stunned, this is the girls favorite, this song with him is not suitable. She was on the side, being attracted singing: cry from jealousy, turned into a laugh, the time how gripping her, only her most obvious .... "Tong Jia, maybe you should congratulate yourself." She did not say a word without a word, she found the car stopped, he glanced at her, obviously for something she did not feel excited about. Down the car, he lifted her chin, before as follows a decisive decisive: "You just need to go with me in a minute, I will pay you double." He walked in, the very luxurious manor, Hoan Nhan whole life is not dare to imagine such a place. Everyone on the table, looking at them slowly entered, Hoan Nhan scared to shake hands and feet, but glimpse the whole person fell into a chest, slender waist: "My new girlfriend, Promise Hoan Nhan ". He was very gentle, Hoan Nhan was a person looking, red face is about to explode. He looked very good god, Hoan Nhan lost naturally embarrassed, looking at the pure girl is obviously a little nervous to him a little reassuring, the child looks like pure woman . "Grandfather, do you please?" Song Hao laughed for a few minutes, but deliberately ignored the two eyes intimate, he turned: "People slow to use, Nhan Nhi children want to go dating." He hugged her to walk away, she immediately lost soul, Nhan Nhi, Nhan Nhi .... It is clear that only Tong Jia Ming call her so a! A moment later, the warm body suddenly disappeared, Hoan Nhan still bewildered, Shen Song with her pull the distance, hand from the pocket draw the check, start recording. Hoan Nhan immediately awake again, her eyes widen to notice him, then the new she lost her soul is all gentle is fake, he does not take advantage of her a drama, only I do not want to spend ten thousand dollars .... "Here." He held the checker outstretched, in Hoan Nhan's mind for a moment, wanting, wanting this check, but her hands, instinctively pushed out.

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