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Friedman and The World is Flat: A Critical Analysis
June 29, 2011 at 1:13 AM
Wherever we can set out that chiefly Thomas L. Friedman has broken new ground in running our educational system through the lenses of an intelligent purveyor, ahead of the curve, of today’s need for increased scientific, specifically tech or other students, we ourselves might discern both examples of foresight within mere hindsight of what must be initiated correctly to begin with. Friedman represents the new guard, among those who helped establish systems of chiefly human; however, labor, guts and talent towards implementation of any communication system allowing us to facilitate today financial or other transactions in seconds, including the much vaunted web.

We might begin to build anew what our relatives succeeded at, we will never achieve any such milestone where we can merely flatten what might be akin to Rome’s desired memory, while many have given that which went toward these opportunities for each and every individual living what remains an extremely tenuous and mysterious hold on certain new parameters afforded through a creative and loving force, through these communications. Over time, the genuine character of who is probably part of an overall perspective expected all of those we see to do better still, will represent something much more huge than any triple web landscape. What we are doing today, we will do more of, for other people and ourselves, while we have sought to live a life broken by parades of some big people, includes new ways and means of looking at where we are and some really, really nice people most never meet, at all. We will; in fact, go forward to heights never attained previously, succeed at all of it and remain where we could be readily deemed forever changed through our experiences, themselves, perhaps arriving. Many people will collect themselves to finally employ 50, 000 people, while others I am proud to have become associated with; where character includes an intelligent stance on a great outlook offered up ahead of our lives, will join the pen here by the author somehow succeeding not with his premise concerning a flattened sphere, but a greater reality he is partly now responsible for, in an age marked by winners, new achievers and the savvy. The prognosis the new pen devotes around a partly sound premise, including the new range of scientific and math requirements we must see implemented, is winning in the somewhat flattened world he could perhaps grasp the profound poignancy, real or perceived magic and utterly delightful potential of society as a whole today succeeding on levels the author has touched here. We must, will and; finally, vastly succeed wherever others might have seen conditions disappearing as of this entry, through people who field the new Aids beginning cures, to those who contribute through means probably unknown to this participant (Friedman, 2007), (McFarlin & Sweeney, 2006).

The innovators have been so talented that perhaps we have arrayed those we can set out as examples of human involvement not really tantamount to what we could term successful, heroes in our their own right, with what now must be seen as the potential for a spectacular environment’s ultimate hold on its own destiny. Friedman has covered many of these smaller bases, this writer can merely contend with; although his brand of intellectual transparency responsible towards the 2008 take on students; his watershed work has been peppered with these same individuals, their internet, corporate, scientific, literary genius at once familiar now, yet now fully accounted for in all of every chapter, encompass the volume. Thoroughly agreed must be a condition present in the work’s contention that international stability includes large adjustments on a smaller scale never witnessed in the same moral compass sometimes averted, corrected and involving life and death where the need is for world peace invincibly with our reach. Worth people, billions of dollars our world spends lavishly on, and; in the same hindsight as the visionary Friedman portends is major change, peace must remain our foci, focus, crucible and goal.

Friedman, Obama at his closest extremely intelligent, the joint chiefs of staff, nor the inteligisi, possess little or no real way in which to ultimately bring reality into any equation viewing America, or many other nations, as somewhat more than we are or evil. Therefore, 911, the Middle East quite viable Arab Spring, and to a huge degree the Al Qaeda and related somehow Taliban remnants of Afghanistan’s close encounter with the former Soviet Union, bely nothing of substance around these extremist views. They are very cultural concerns, set so far around attacks throughout a world at once safer in a post-cold war scenario and quite complicated; as well. Many books, theories and the like propose to establish on an Iraq liberation we are real heroes regarding and an Afghanistan that nation must place an emphasis around policing its own territory within, with a pattern of phase out not all Vietnam, nor any real victory among 500 thousand Iraqi major causalities, or Afghanistan’s continuing challenges, are not viable for these particular reasons. If it remains a complicated cultural deli mea, it also represents a much too violent Israeli, Arab landscape, and differing Tunisian and Ottoman based Iran. Maybe we would not let Saddam poison his own from the air, nor let them kill each other, yet we worldwide must indeed irradiate conflict, entirely, extradite our departure on a larger ledger from these Missions and bring our soldiers within their relative and friend’s reach.

The Europeans, the Russians to a much smaller extent due to their massive involvement in World War II battles of attrition leading to Hitler’s doorstep, many nations with the exception of England, Australia, including the neutrality of the Swiss throughout tragic and massive encounters and to a larger degree China I will cite straightforwardly here, have not funded operations to any real dollar to dollar degree the Americans continue to not merely purport to accomplish, but pay dearly in lives, capital sometimes useless in the face of diverse evil forces and what represent World causes best left to groups of these countries. In addition, the United States wealth building, outlays measuring in the billions of dollars could have made us what are referred to as trills in the financial industry, all of this money stemming from a country that provides massive allocations in good times, which is extremely important, in bad times unexpectedly and when we cannot even afford it. I am personally appalled with four advantages; to include the thirty to fifty year dated usage of the highly unbalancing old Yuan, that China is placing all Americans at a distinct disadvantage through, in the face of this. In hindsight, with Milton Feinstein’s economic cylindrical cycles prevalent in some bad decisions, and strangely some good choices, remains quite irritating, yet this all is quite disturbing. I would also like to view both great Russians, and the Ancient Chinese civilization step up to the plate with military and other type task forces necessary throughout the world they do not currently place any emphasis, dollars or manpower behind, today. The effect goes far beyond any type of fore, hind or other insight, any author has so far effaced; although apparently those readers placing their intelligence between the lines, could learn immensely from many of the funding, forces, particularly nations and huge inputs of technical empire building and massive remaining contributions of exceptional people representing human assets running against theoretically either a flat or round world throughout history, itself.

The internet, handheld universe and flattened world merely allow our contributions to aspire to new heights, continue to dominate and even break some really startling ground on, what are human lives around the world encompassing collecting water while being taken under a pond of a small foreign boy, throughout accomplishments we fail in unraveling again today and inputs of families, concern and realities some never learn even to the degree Friedman might have evoked, many have suffered what are ghoulish fates towards greatness and people work towards today, devoid of any web or other asset.

Where Friedman borders on genius, beyond; again, a massive yet divided take over some fifty years of rapid change as intelligent premise, is at the core of this work in the sense it reflects what may remain one outlook regarding a gentleman describing the utilization of technology freeing the Egyptians recently, business through the means of communications, trading and diversification as simple as a grandmother contacting her very far flung relatives for a final tenure beyond even God’s reach, to the intelligence we will certainly finally place around our best purposes as people. The flatteners gave us our lives in some case medically, the needs for good works around the globe including assisting in eradicating much disease and poverty and the additional factors; although lying just outside what remains human input or enterprise, continue to prove both true, yet undeniably uneven justifications for a solid result for Friedman here. Our technical diversification, seen in the following emphasis on global management centered on similar forward momentum by another author, is positive, involves risk and much human decision-making. Integration can give a firm access to scarce or volatile sources of supply or tighter control over the marketing, distribution or servicing of its products. But it increases the risks inherent in committing substantial resources to a single industry. Also, the investment required to vertically integrate often offsets the additional profitability generated by the integrated operations, resulting in little return on investment (Mullins, Walker, & Boyd, 2008).

Few authors ever have even approached Friedman, and a collection of other noteworthy contributors, incorporation of expert analysis towards amassing the degree of technical, business talent viewpoints where we can also clearly perceive the utilization of the correct people, others you would not expect and usual notable’s precise clarification of an excellent premise merely set into one mold of time in lieu of the whole. The outlook, both inspiring and; perhaps, precisely on the mark of Thomas, his many assets towards compiling the work itself, positive finds and the degree to which he leveled much of our lives among a centerpiece of technology and communication we all have missed almost entirely, while enjoying throughout our past, simply amazes in its subtle effect on those he wrote around, towards, regarding and somehow completes.

The very awe inspiring entry has provided what is very much a watershed movement, not merely seen in the streets of successful revolt in Cairo, but at the center of what really represents what is regardless a human-provided move to technology beyond what might have been employed to the degree it could have failed to bring what was our recent economic slowdown to a resounding and somewhat controlled conclusion, failed us medically at times and could have been indicative of mere mediocrchy in our civilization, itself. The needs were met and the Friedman volume allays all of our hopes against a background lacking only the human overtones I have cited, while surrounding a subject as large as our modern world versus what is essentially a viable, working mechanism fulfilling dreams, realities and wishes outside of what we have accomplished replete with these technologies, new versions of how we might deal with our existence and perhaps our destiny.

The premise might be highlighted through Friedman’s addition of a revision including two chapters aligning the book with the entire sentinel of our modern; after all, technology involved and mostly reliable world in the viewpoint of those of periods such as the Middle Ages, or other darker

passages within human history. Unfortunately, in our present economic, social and emotional contention around even fully reviving the resounding United States’ success, and other wonderful dynamics of what continues to represent an alluring physical universe and just stunning Earth including people holding the promise of a bright, possible ascension and probable survival seems possible, human, yet trying.

In technology, there even exists outside Friedman’s premise or even book, a differing type of flattened world much more involving teams within teams placing their collaboration through technology bringing people together, who then begin to create more human energy still fully facilitated in the Friedman mold, yet human teams. Workers can collaborate better when they use information technology that fosters collaboration, often referred to as groupware. For example, the straightforward act of exchanging frequent email messages can facilitate cooperation. Electronic brainstorming is another example of groupware. An important new development is websites where can collaborate to save time and money on activities as varied as a product design or mergers. Companies can now make products more cheaply and quickly by using the web to synchronize the various aspects of design with suppliers. For example, by using a system of collaborative software at General Motors Corporation factories, management has cut the time it takes to complete a vehicle mockup from twelve weeks to two weeks (DuBrin, 2007).

My continuing assessment of the Friedman book will be a resounding yes to people, their success and technology assisting in getting out of what could best be described as later evolutionary cycles involving both some degree of greatness and a smaller dose of pie in the sky assumptions, leading finally to probable human success involving, and sometimes precluding, any and all technological assets. The United States of America, its people and culture, the world, and our entire civilization lie squarely within this junction and a possible crucible of progress (Friedman, 2007), (McFarlin & Sweeney, 2006).

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