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When You Are NOT Plagiarizing!

I wrote a true story about my childhood that the Institute for Children’s Literature believed I had plagiarized. I must be a good writer. The story took place in sand lots behind my childhood home where cotton fields once were. Our eldest sister would plan sports activities for us during summer vacations so we could stay active. I come from a large family and our parents couldn’t afford regular family trips or vacations. I wrote about us playing baseball behind our home on the sandlots (an expansed area after cotton fields had been removed). I hadn’t seen the movie “Field of Dreams” that the grader at the Institute for Children’ts Literature believed my story came from. I didn’t even like Kevin Costner then; I like his movies now that he is older. I wrote several short stories of my childhood experiences that I turned in & the graders from that same Institute seemed to enjoy grading me with good marks.
I text very regularly to my extensive family...they tell me I’m such a storyteller because my texts are very lengthy. I explain to them that I swype when I type thus producing long texts...as it is I’ve been a gifted fast typist since very young. My strengths have been math, spelling, typing, telling stories, informing people, providing useful information & tips...I like to write, I always have, but I’ve never thought of writing for pay.
At a contracted job I started a News Letter...I’ve helped create resumes...I’ve assisted writing letters for people that have mentioned they don’t know how to write professionally...I’ve provided stories to teens to provide some understanding about math to make it easier, fun, & motivate them to learn, I’ve written stories for younger kids to help them with grammar having the kids fill in some blanks with adjectives or adverbs...It has come to my attention how long I’ve been a storyteller & enjoy writing...
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Olivia King

Initiated a NewsLetter for our Medical Team employed at the South Texas Family Residential Center (STFRC) in Dilley, Texas where the Department of Homeland Security holds the illegal migrant women with their children from Central America.

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